CAB with Nunit 2.2.2

Topics: CAB & Smart Client Software Factory
Aug 3, 2005 at 2:56 PM
originally posted by: Vishalkarnik

We are trying to compile and test the CAB with Nunit 2.2.2 (latest available) from We are able to execute tests for ComponentModel and CompositeUI. However when we try to test the CompositeUI.winforms.Tests Nunit crashes even before it loads the assembly. Note that other two test cases get executed just fine.

The changes we had to do for Nunit 2.2.2 to work was changing the Category attribute to System.ComponentModel.CategoryAttribute as Category attribute was colliding with the Nunit attribute.

We tried with 2.2.1 Nunit as well as 2.2.0 with same result.

Has anyone encountered this error?
Aug 3, 2005 at 3:51 PM
originally posted by: BradWilsonMSFT

We developed CAB with NUnit 2.1.4, and did not test with NUnit 2.2.
Aug 4, 2005 at 4:34 AM
originally posted by: Vishalkarnik

Is there any information available for getting it worked with 2.2.2?
The readme file mentions about 2.2 changes, still we fail to test the assembly.