WindowWorkSpace show on multiple views

Topics: CAB & Smart Client Software Factory
Jul 7, 2006 at 2:40 AM
originally posted by: JaYmZ666

Hello everybody,

I got a problem when trying to use WindowWorkspace workspace :
I'm opening from a list in my Shell some SmartParts inside a WindowWorkspace.
to avoid problem of same ids for these SmartParts, I'm creating a specific identifier for each, corresponding to the line.
If I open my first Item, MyWindowWorkspace.Show("MyView_1") works ok.
Doing the same for View_2 is ok.
At that point, if I open again my first Item in my Shell, my view already exist and is just brought to front ; but if I go back again on my Shell form and try to open my first item again, the Show() method is not working (or at least not bringing my SmartPart to front).

It seems that CAB is only bringing to front a SmartPart inside a WindowWorkspace, if it is not at the top of SmartParts associated to this WindowWorkspace.

Can I get some help for this ?

Thanks a lot Everyone.