WindowWorkspace Show bug

Topics: CAB & Smart Client Software Factory
Feb 22, 2006 at 11:28 PM
originally posted by: v0ffka

I've got the following problem - application has one master form (shell form) and a number of subbordinate forms, which have to be opened from shell form as stand alone windows (not MDI), between which I could switch in the same manner as I switch between separate applications via Alt+Tab. Something like an Outlook when You have a master Outlook window and separate eMail message overview/composition window. I expected, that uppon calling WindowWorkspace's method .Show and WorkItem's .Activate SmartPart window would get active, nevertheless SmartPart's window gets active onnly for a very short while, then shell form gets brought to front. Is it how it is supposed to be? Is there a way to bring SmartPart's window to front? Maybe I'm missing somethiong in design? For now I'm using the following pattern:
MyWindowWorkspace.Show(MySmartPart, MySmartPartInfo);
MySmartPart is inherited from UserControl
MySmartPartInfo sets only
.MaximizeBox = false;
.Title = "tITLE";
.Modal = false;
eventually I call:
for the WorkItem.
KI would appreciate any help.