Nested TabWorkspaces Problem

Topics: CAB & Smart Client Software Factory
Dec 22, 2005 at 5:39 AM
originally posted by: DotNetRules

Hello.. I have a shell with a DeckWorkspace, I have a module called LayoutUSA which has a view with a TabWorkspace, runtime I load this module into the DeckWorkspace.

I have 7 other modules which need to be loaded into the TabWorkspace (a TabPage for each module). These modules need to be completely independent. Depending on implementation requirements these modules will be required to load into other Layout style modules (LayoutCA for example). The ProfileCatalog will define the correct layout module for the implementation.

To add to complexity some of these modules may also have a TabWorkspace of their own and need other module to be loaded.

How can I make my modules independent of other modules, TabWorkspaces and Layout style modules? I kind of have it working by using WorkItemExtension but its not truly independent. Is there a framework method I can use that will find a workspace and add the module to it, seems the more nested TabWorkspaces you have the more difficult it becomes.