Catching window events

Oct 9, 2007 at 2:12 PM
I would like myowncontrolinheritedobject to be notified from an instance of my MyDockedWindow class which catches and passes on window events such as OnDock, OnMove, OnResize etc. I have the following program flow:

liworkspace.Show(myownUserControlinheritedobject, smartpart_info); //Goes into CAB's Workspace.Show method which calls OnShow in my own MyDockedWindowWorkspace workspace:
OnShow then only knows the smart part as a Control object and creates a new MyDockedWindow object to receive window events.

As I see it Workspace stands in the way of passing anything other than Control class related information through to the MyDockedWindow creation. If I could pass on an EventHandler for instance, then I could build up event handler functions in the myowncontrolinheritedobject class, even if that would be double work. But first, are there any way to do this?

Please note: I don't want to change existing CAB implementation.