Service-oriented Retrieval

Topics: Updater Application Block
Aug 20, 2007 at 5:10 AM
We currently use the Updater Application Block to pull down software to client's sites - these sites propagate the software further (thus reducing our bandwidth) to client-specific applications.

The first time the service runs, it all works like a champ. However, subsequent downloads will always use the same Post-Processor that was first loaded - even if we want to update that Post-Processor. Also, if we try to update the Post-Processor, the memory keeps going up and up.

We have noticed that the post-processor DLL is never released from code - no matter how much we try to Dispose() of the object.

We have come to the conclusion that since the Post-Processoris run in the main AppDomain, perhaps we must run a proxy AppDomain to allow for unloading/reloading of the DLL without restarting the service.

Has anyone else had any issues with running the Application Updated Block as a service while wanting to update the Post-Processor?