Repeatable tasks in SCSF - what do you copy-past

Topics: CAB & Smart Client Software Factory
Jun 6, 2007 at 3:49 PM

I'd propose putting here repeatable tasks, code snippets we all have to copy-past using SCSF. I think it could help to decide what things should be automated using recipes.
For instance there are some things I have found repeatable during my developing using SCSF v2.

1. It would be helpfull if add view recipe can generate several views at once.

The scenario: I added a new business module that is supposed to provide views to be shown in a layout/shell. When I clicked Add new View recipe I'm able to choose a layout (or shell) and recipe counts the number of workspaces there and offers me generating at least the same number of views. When views are generated the recipe adds a global event subscription to the module controller which opens just generated views in workspaces. So we need only to fire this event where needed.

2. A quite often there are two or more views I need to switch between.

I guess this poses the question of using workflow foundation for page flows but some "not deep" scenarios are possible to be implemented through events. But it requires some thinking about logic to avoid having a couple of events for each pair of views.

What could be next?

- Leonid